How to Read Server Documentation in Webmin

When you are logged in via SSH, the easiest way to read documentation of commands on a Linux server is to use the “man” command. When you are managing your server from a control panel, however, why should you be restricted from seeing critical documentation? Webmin has a built-in tool that allows you to read man pages and more.

To read server documentation, click the “System” menu item and then click “System Documentation”. The documentation module allows you to search any or all of the following sources:

  • Manual pages – using the “man” command
  • Webmin help – control panel help
  • Package documentation – documentation for programs
  • Perl module documentation – server-side Perl module docs
  • Google search engine – A relevant search of the web

To use the tool, simply type in the keyword you want to search. If you know the exact command, package, or topic, you can just type that. You can also choose to match all keywords, any of them, those matching names only, or those matching the name and contents of documentation.

The system documentation module allows for customization. You can change the path to your man pages, change the way documents are displayed, and add directories for additional documentation specific to your server.