How to Reset Your Server Settings

When your server suddenly stops functioning the way it is supposed to, there are a number of troubleshooting techniques you can try. One of the most important things you can do is backtrack and investigate to see if some changes you recently made might have caused the server to stop working. If you discover irreparable damage to your OS configuration, you may need to perform a reset.

Recently, Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 has a “push button reset” that will return Windows 8 configuration to the way it was the day you opened the box. What many may not know is that Linux and many Unix variants had this feature built into them for years.

In the event that you need to reset your Linux dedicated server to the default basic settings, run this command:


Please be advised that this will halt your system right where it is and return it to the default settings. Therefore if your server is a production machine and is currently working, this is essentially suicide. Once it reboots, it will require you to enter a new root password, setup network configuration, etc. This means you should not run this command remotely, as you will lose networking. Therefore, you should only use this when all else fails and small configuration changes do not fix your problems.