Using Webmin to Manage Filesystems

Mounting and managing file systems is something normally reserved for the command line on Linux and Unix servers, but Webmin is a comprehensive system administration panel that includes support for file system management. With it you can mount devices, configure them to your liking, name partitions, and perform a number of other file system related tasks.

To mount a file system with Webmin, do the following:

1. Login to Webmin and in the “System” section click “Disk and Network Filesystems”

2. Choose filesystem type and click “Add Mount”

3. For “Mounted as”, enter the filesystem path

4. Select the type of device that holds the partition

5. Select whether you want to use quotas

6. Choose any other options you want to use

7. Click “Create”

Like any major sysadmin task, you should approach filesystem management with caution. Just because Webmin makes it appear easy and straightforward does not mean that it is not complex. Changes you make in the control panel can have wide-reaching consequences for your entire server. Make sure you know what you are doing.