Webmin Server Management Control Panel

Managing a Linux server, the most common and universal way to access it is directly from the command line console.  If you do not have physical access to the server, as many system administrators do not these days, you will probably use a tool like SSH.  Linux servers do not normally come with graphical interfaces, although you can install a local one.  For remote management, you need a web-based management system.
There are many proprietary web-based server management control panels, but the definitive free one is Webmin.  Open source and independent of your normal web server, Webmin provides you with a rich graphical interface to manage just about every aspect of your server, from security to networking.  With Webmin, you can also optionally install its virtual hosting control panel called Virtualmin and its cloud computing management system called Cloudmin.  Both are also free and open source, but you can opt for paid support.
Some of the featured modules Webmin includes for easy management are: DNS, CVS, Cron jbos, Backup, FTP, PHP, bootup and shutdown, DHCP server, Disk Quotas, Apache webserver, and many more.  It is easy to install and setup on any Linux-based server, and you can freely customize it to your specifications.

You can download Webmin for free from the project’s website.  The download page offers binaries for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, SUSE, Solaris, Windows, and others.  You can also download the source code and compile manually, or search your distribution’s package repository to see if it provides binaries.