Write a Basic Bash Script to Simplify Server Operations

Linux comes with a very powerful tool built into it. It is called the shell. Bash is one version of the shell that is very popular with Linux distributions. If you can learn even basic Bash scripting, you can simplify and automate a lot of tasks you would normally have to manually perform on your server.

To begin creating a Bash script, you will need to use an editor. Assuming you only have command line access, you can use nano, vi, or any number of others. Since this is not a tutorial in text editors, we will not cover how to use any of them. Once you are in the editor, the first line is always the same:


This declares that you will be using bash to run further commands.

The first thing you can try is to make Bash say something:

echo “Hello world!”

Save the file and name it. You should then make the file executable with:

$ chmod a+x myfirstscript

And then you can run it:

$ ./myfirstscript

Besides displaying random text, you can also use Bash scripts to execute multiple commands. For example, if you wanted it to wait 5 second run two scripts and then exit, you would make the script look like this:


# This script will run two commands and then exit

# This is only a test

sleep 5

comand1 /path/to/something

command2 > textfile.txt

exit 0

Now you have created a basic Bash script. For more in-depth Bash scripting, see this tutorial.