Low Cost, Low-Powered, Green Servers

As energy costs continue to rise and new environmental regulations come into effect, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce data center costs. A server uses a lot of power for processing and cooling. By using low-powered servers for certain tasks, you can reduce energy costs and help save the environment.

When Is a Low-Powered Server Appropriate?

Obviously, not every server operation will work on a low-powered server. Therefore, it is important to evaluate server usage before you make drastic changes. If you find a web server, for example, that only uses half of the power available, you may be able to replace the hardware with something that more efficiently rations power only as needed.

What are the Hardware Options?

The major processor manufacturers, Intel and AMD, both offer a variety of power-saving options. Some of them provide offer great speeds and features while also reducing power usage when necessary. Others require a significant sacrifice of speed and processing power in order to save on energy costs. These are appropriate only when the server’s applications do not require much processing power. Finally, there are also chip manufacturers like ARM and VIA that are now entering the server market with extremely low-energy-consuming processors.

Planning for the Future

When choosing a low-powered option, it is important to think about your current needs to reduce energy consumption while also planning for scalability. Used in combination with other data center energy-saving techniques, the use of low-powered servers can transform your IT operations into models of green efficiency.