The Benefits of Multi-Core Processors in Servers

Boosting a server’s processing power by adding cores is nothing new. In the old days, you had to add multiple physical processors. Today, some processors come with multiple cores. Therefore, adding two quad-core processors would give you 8 cores, which is 8 times the processing power. But are there really noticeable benefits to having multiple cores? The following are a few advantages.

1. Application threads – Multi-core processors allow you to allocate resources to specific applications. You can dedicate entire cores to a single process if necessary.

2. Energy efficiency – As opposed to multiple physical processors, multi-core processors use less energy and require less cooling. The cores share I/O, cache, and some other features.

3. Virtualization – It is hard to find a server nowadays that is not using some form of virtualization. It just makes economic and technical sense. Virtualization works much better when you can dedicate cores to virtual machines. On a quad core system, you could theoretically assign each core to one of four virtual machines.

4. Cost – Ultimately, it will save you money because of 1 through 3. You do not have to dedicate an entire machine to a resource-intense application. You do not spend as much on energy costs. And you do not have to have as many physical servers because of virtualization.