5 New Year Security Checks You Should Not Delay

As you welcome in the new year, now is a great time to run some basic security checks on your server to make sure it is running in top shape and continues to be a safe haven for your websites. The following five security checks are ones that you should not delay until later in the year, if you have not done them recently.

Vulnerability Scan – It may take some time, and that may be why you have delayed it, but scanning for vulnerabilities is a great preventative measure. You can ensure that your server will not be attacked because of a weakness you could have prevented.

File Integrity Check – This is a check that can also take some time, at least during the initial setup. Once you have it going, however, it will be easy to periodically recheck your file integrity.

Log File Check – It is quite possible that you have missed silent intrusions or intrusion attempts on your server. You can do a comprehensive log file sweep to find out if any nefarious activity is taking place on your server.

Web Application Updates – Check all of your server’s web applications to make sure they have the latest versions installed.  It is so easy for a hacker to find a content management system or blog with old software and launch an attack.

User Password Check – This is more of a policy enforcement than an actual check. Make sure all of your users have strong passwords. You can setup some automated system tools that will force them to create new passwords and also reject weak passwords.