Do You Have A HoneyPot?

Server security is very important and in recent months has become even more important as hackers have increased their level of education and are becoming a bigger threat to servers of all kinds. One way to combat hackers is to offer them a honeypot.

A honeypot is a server that is set up to look like a server a hacker would love, but is a decoy. It allows a server administrator to study the hacker and monitor his activities to better learn how to combat his attacks. It also allows the server administrator an opportunity to see where the weaknesses are in his own system so that he can strengthen them. Thus, a honeypot serves a very useful dual purpose.

Honeypot servers are very useful, particularly if you have vulnerable information that can be exploited. Place your honeypot behind a firewall. However, make your firewall different than an ordinary firewall. Instead of trying to stop bad things from getting in, allow everything in but control what is able to leave. A honeypot is a very useful server security tool.