Does the World Trust Your Website?

How do you make the world trust your website? OK, yours is an organization of repute, but that is not enough for people to trust your website. Why? Well, there are chances that information to and from the website might get intercepted during transmission. So, you have got to ensure that such interceptions never happen. That is the best way to make people trust your website.

So, how do you ensure secure transactions through your website? Well, this is where the SSL or TLS technology comes to your rescue. SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer and TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. Now, this technology is essentially a protocol that ensures that the transactions between a browser and your web server are secure.

Now, deploying the SSL or TLS protocol will ensure that your website is secure. But how would others know it is? Yeah, you’ll tell them. But if that had been enough, every website would claim to be secure. In order to establish that your website is secure, you have to acquire a SSL certificate. This certificate says that your identity on the web has been verified and your website is trustworthy. An institution called Certificate Authority (CA) issues these certificates.

Typically, an SSL certificate contains the following information:

  • Your domain information
  • Your organization’s details
  • Your business address

The certificate expires after some time. So, you have to keep renewing it from time to time. If your certificate has expired, your website gets a bad name. So, make sure your certificate is always valid.