Eradicate Malware with LMD

Worried about malware? No? You should be. Cyber criminals are always looking for new and creative ways to attack your server or user your dedicated server to attack others. There are plenty of prevention methods you can have in place, but you should also have a system for detecting malware that may have already made its way onto your server. Enter: Linux Malware Detect, a product of R-FX Networks, the company that developed the world-renowned APF firewall software.

Linux Malware Detect, or simply LMD, scans your server and finds malware based on network edge intrusion detection systems. It uses threat data from those systems and user submissions to develop MD5 and HEX pattern matches, which you can use with other tools like ClamAV.

While many types of older malware would attempt to gain root access and wreak havoc, many modern malware types attack user accounts and use those accounts as a platform for attacking other servers. These are more difficult to detect with rootkit and other traditional detection systems. LMD is designed to catch what the others miss.

LMD is free and open source software, released under the GNU GPL. You can download it from the project’s website and use it for free.