Making Your Business Website Secure

Establishing trust is a huge task, both in the real world and the virtual one. You can do good business if you establish that the information that passes your hands will remain secure. You make your goodwill with trust. Now, if you own a business website, you have to assure the people who access it and transact over it that yours is a secure website. But then, you just cannot claim it; you have to prove it somehow. Now, the SSL Certificate is something that helps you prove just that.

What is SSL? It’s an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. What is that? Well, it is a web protocol that ensures that the transactions between a browser and your web server are secure. Now that is what that establishes trust for your site!

So, employing the SSL protocol helps you become a secure website, but how do you tell people that you are secure? In the real world, a verification from an authorized person/institution helps. This concept extends to the virtual world too. An institution called the Certificate Authority (CA) issues a certificate to you establishing trust in you. The SSL Certificate is such a certificate.

What SSL essentially does is that it makes your web server secure. There are chances of information being intercepted and landing in the wrong hands during the transactions between the browser and the server. The SSL protocol prevents that.

Don’t become complacent once you have got your SSL certificate; make it a point to renew it in time. An expired certificate is worse than not having a certificate.