Run an End-of-Year Security Audit

As the end of the year approaches, now is a good time to make sure your server is living up to your security standards. It might be easy to neglect if you do not have any noticeable security problems, but the only way to truly know how your server is fairing is to run a security audit.

A security audit is a thorough examination of your dedicated server’s security. It should look for vulnerabilities, outdated software, problems with user accounts, and any other major security problems.

The most straightforward way to go about a security audit is to do it yourself, examining each component and software layer on your server until you are confident you have left no stone unturned. Ideally, you should have multiple people handling such a task. One alternative is to hire a third-party security firm to audit your server on your behalf. A third option is to use security auditing software, which is usually capable of performing many types of security audits.

A good audit will not just look at the current security state of the server but will also examine the logs and relevant data accumulated over the past year to find any suspicious patterns or areas of concern. The audit should be able to point out weaknesses in the server and ultimately provide you with a report from which you can devise a security improvement plan for the coming year.