Server Security: IIS Lockdown For Windows Server

IIS stands for Internet Information Services. IIS Lockdown is a software package for additional security on a Windows server. Requirements for using the package are Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows XP. The software works by turning off unnecessary features, making your system more secure against attackers from outside.

Microsoft earlier this year, January, introduced IIS Lockdown 2.1. The tool incorporates a deeper level of security than previous versions by including URLscan and customized templates. Like all security software, in order to maintain the highest level of security, you’ve got to install all the updates as they come out.

One of the features of IIS Lockdown that I like is the ability to disable or remove services you aren’t using. You can disable HTTP, FTP, SMTP, or NNTP. If these services sit idle and unused for long periods of time they could be open windows for hackers and attackers trying to wreak havoc where they aren’t welcome. Decrease your vulnerability by disabling the services you aren’t using.

Keep your Windows server secure. Understand that IIS Lockdown is not a primary tool for warding off attackers. It is a superficial level of protection, however, thanks to the latest release it can go deeper.