5 Invaluable DNS Tools

You can do everything right with your dedicated server’s configuration, security, and maintenance and still experience problems that seem to be beyond your control. Many networking issues, some beyond your control and some not, are easily detectable if you have the right tools for the job. The following 5 DNS tools can help you get general information about your server’s DNS and also gather information for general knowledge or troubleshooting.

1. Traceroute – This tool gives you the ability to trace the path of a computer attempting to connect to your server. Sometimes networking problems may be related to Internet congestion or other problems with transfer points between the source and destination.

2. IP Whois – With IP Whois, you can gather useful information about the IP address of a website, its location, and its owner.

3.Reverse DNS – Reverse DNS is an Internet standard that your server should have. This tool allows you to verify that it is setup and working.

4. SPAM DB Lookup – You may not be a spammer, but that does not mean spammers are not using your server or IP address to do their dirty work. Spam DB lookup allows you to find out if your server has been put on a list of known spammers.

5.DNS Lookup – This is simply a tool that will display all of your DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, etc.).

There are programs you can install to use any of these tools, and some of them come installed on dedicated servers. Alternatively, you can find several free online services that offer these and many other DNS tools.