Advantages of Running a Free and Open Source Server

The majority of dedicated servers connected to the web use Apache HTTP Server, a free and open source web server program. Many servers also run Linux-based operating systems and rely on open source database servers, such as MySQL. Free and open source software has become quite prolific on the web, and there are many advantages to this. The following are just a few:

  • Freedom – With software distributed under free software licenses, you are free to modify it and share it without having to worry about the normal licensing issues of proprietary software.
  • Low cost – Although free and open source does not automatically mean free of charge, most of the web-based software is free to download and use, even on commercial servers.
  • Flexibility – With the freedom to modify your software comes the flexibility to make it whatever you need or want it to be. In many cases, you may even be able to merge your new features back into the upstream development so that others can benefit from your changes.

Running a server with free and open source software simply makes sense, both from a development standpoint and from an economical perspective. It is software with the freedom, low cost, and flexibility any good dedicated server needs.