Ajenti: Free and Open Source Alternative Control Panel

Most small and medium web businesses turn to cPanel or another commercial control panel when they want GUI management of their servers. But not everyone can afford the licensing fees, and some people just want a free and open source alternative. The first that probably comes to mind is Webmin, but it is no longer the only free alternative control panel out there. Ajenti is a free and open source panel that works with both Ngnix and Apache.

Ajenti is available for Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS and FreeBSD. It features a fully-integrated control panel with dashboard, firewall, file manager, services manager and much more. You can view logs, processes, cron jobs, users and tasks.

Some of the selling points of Ajenti are that it comes with several plugins for various software integration and management, and it is also extensible, using Python for development of addons. Moreover, it preserves the structure of your server’s configuration, meaning you do not need a modified system to install it or run it.

Ajenti is free and open source and available for free download and installation immediately. You can also contribute to the project on GitHub.