Benefits of Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a web application designed to make it easier for website owners to publish, edit, and present content to their visitors.  There are hundreds of CMS applications on the market, both free and for a price.  Many are even free and open source, readily available for download and installation.

One of the major benefits of a CMS is that it is generally a dynamic publishing process rather than a static one.  Instead of editing static HTML pages, you log into the CMS, input the information you want to publish, and then make it visible to the outside world.  This leads to another benefit, which is the ability to quickly and easily manipulate the content.

Another important benefit is that many CMS applications are modular and extensible. By installing add-ons, the site owner can increase functionality and appearance.

Because of these and other benefits of content management systems, providing a friendly application environment for them is an excellent way to add value to your dedicated server.  As simple automated installation script for a popular CMS can help make it easier for your customers to get started publishing their content.