Cluster Server Storage with GlusterFS

When operating a dedicated server with multiple nodes, there are various filesystem options, but one that is particularly designed for server clusters is GlusterFS. Scalability is very important for large server installations, and GlusterFS provides the necessary tools.

The software’s project website describes GlusterFS as an “open source cluster storage solution” that is “a powerful and flexible solution that simplifies the task of managing unstructured file data whether you have a few terabytes of storage or multiple petabytes”.

The platform includes a web-based control panel, client and server components, network connection to servers using various protocols, file-based mirroring and replication, file-based striping, file-based load balancing, volume failover, scheduling, disk caching, and storage quotas.

GlusterFS is free and open source software released under the GNU GPL. It available for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Mac OS X. Commercial support is also available but is optional. Full documentation, support mailing lists, and IRC chat are available on the GlusterFS website.