Configure Apache to be Case Insensitive

By default, websites powered by Apache HTTP Server are case sensitive. That means will take you to a different page than Generally speaking it is a good idea to leave this default configuration as is. There are, however, instances when you might want Apache to be case insensitive. For example, if you have transferred your site over from Windows and Micorosft IIS web server, you may have some pages or directories that were dependent on case insensitivity.

The solution involves a simple Apache module called mod_spelling. Using it, Apache will check the spelling of any files users attempt to access and match the correct ones when they are spelled improperly. It will also check for files that may have the wrong case, whether uppercase or lowercase.

To enable mod_spelling once installed, type this directive into your Apache configuration file:

CheckSpelling on

If you applied this to your global configuration, you may need to restart Apache for the settings to take effect. From that point forward, your URLs should work no matter how a user remembers the case.