cPanel’s Intuitive Interface Makes it a Great Server Control Panel

In one of the recent posts, I told you about the things that make Plesk a popular choice for the server control panel. Now, cPanel is an extremely popular control panel too. In fact, it is one control panel that maintains its high popularity in spite of its cost. Is it just hype or does cPanel’s popularity have some substance? Let’s start with looking at what the control panel has to offer.

  • cPanel lets you upload and manage web pages conveniently.
  • It helps install several web applications such as forums and blogs.
  • It makes the task of backing up data easy with its Backup Wizard.
  • It provides several security features such as virus protection, password protection, and usage restrictions.
  • It provides comprehensive statistical information about the traffic.
  • It lets you create e-mail accounts and helps manage e-mails efficiently.
  • It lets you use FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.
  • It provides database tools to web administrators to help manage their data.

cPanel’s interface, according to me, is very intuitive, making it very easy to use. Web hosts, sometimes, offer you servers with cPanel, offering to make life easier for you. The control panel offers help at three levels with its three-tier functions. Thus, it helps not only the administrators but also the resellers and the end-users.

Many would argue that Plesk offers more convenience as compared to cPanel. Well, this actually depends on how you like the control panel to be. As per me, I am in love with cPanel, and I don’t mind shelling a little extra for it.