cPanel Vs Plesk – Which One You Should Choose

Wondering which control panel to choose with respect to website management? If you ask a cPanel user, you know what the answer will be. The same goes for Plesk or any other control panel. So, getting a non-biased opinion is a bit difficult. Yeah, I have biases too. Not that I don’t like Plesk but I am more comfortable with cPanel. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider Plesk. OK, to make it easier for you, let me summarize the  features and benefits of the two.

Here’s what is good about cPanel:

  • It supports most software.
  • It comes equipped with several useful and easy-to-use features, probably much more than what Plesk has to offer.
  • The interface of this control panel is said to be intuitive and therefore very easy to use.
  • It is cost-effective if you go for a long subscription.

And, here’s what is good about Plesk:

  • It is not expensive, an advantage that makes people prefer it over cPanel.
  • It allows you to add several plug-ins to add on its features.
  • Unlike cPanel, Plesk supports XML and other interfaces.
  • It supports SuSE Linux.

Now, that may be enough for you to make a decision, or may be not. The choice of the control panel depends completely on your needs. A lot of people will tell you that features don’t always help people zero in on something. They will tell you that it is more about what you find easy and convenient. What do I think? I think they are right. So, go ahead, make your own decision.