Get Rsync Functionality in Windows with DeltaCopy

If you run Linux on your server, rsync is a great option for incremental backup management. The problem is, if you are running Windows on your backup machine or on the machine you use to manage backups, rsync is not available. There are, however, ways to make rsync work in Windows. Most of those methods involve running Cygwin. DeltaCopy is one tool that makes it a little easier.

DeltaCopy gives you many of the benefits of rsync, such as fast incremental backup, task scheduling, email notification and easy restoration, but it does not require all of the libraries and configuration necessary to run Cygwin. Instead it functions as a Windows wrapper for rsync.

DeltaCopy also has a full GUI interface that makes it easy to schedule backups and manage them from your Windows machine. Best of all, DeltaCopy is free and open source, licensed under the GPL v3 and is available for most Windows versions (XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and 2008).

To learn more about DeltaCopy and how to use, see the online documentation (PDF) and the FAQ. For more information about rsync on Linux, see this tutorial.