Glances System Monitoring Tool for Linux

There is certainly no shortage of system monitoring tools for Linux. If you are the type who likes to know exactly what is going on with your server, Linux is probably ideal for you. Many of these tools are very specific, focusing on one or two aspects like CPU, Memory or Disk usage. Others cover a wide range. Glances fits into the latter category, providing information about your kernel, CPU, system load, processes, memory usage and more.

Glances is free and open source and relies on curses to display semi-graphical information from the server console or terminal. It is written in python and is available in many Linux distribution package repositories.

To install on RHEL/CentOS, you will need the EPEL repository enabled. Then type:

yum -y install glances

Glances is available in the default Ubuntu repository. Simply type:

sudo apt-get install glances

You can run glances with no options and get quite a bit of information, such as load per CPU, memory usage, swap usage, network usage, disk I/O, disk space usage and running processes. The app updates dynamically, so you can see process usage in near real time. To exit, press “q”.

Glances features a ton of options you can use to enhance your experience. For a full list of options and detailed help, see the online documentation.