How to Setup a Test Server in VirtualBox: Part 2

Now that you have a virtual machine created, it needs an operating system. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. With your virtual machine selected from the side panel, click the “Settings” button
  2. Click the “storage” option
  3. Click the “add attachment button” and then choose CD/DVD device”
  4. You can then select an ISO to create a virtual drive. Alternatively, you can mount your physical drive and use a normal boot disk
  5. Select “System” from the side panel and make sure the boot order is set to boot from your CD drive and then click OK
  6. Click “Start” to boot your virtual machine from the disk
  7. Install your operating system as you normally would on an actual machine

Once your OS is installed, you can remove the virtual drive and run your virtual server however you like, even in headless mode. Optionally, you can save the virtual machine image and use it as a template for any future VMs you want to create based on the same pattern. We will explain more about this process in a separate post.

You now have a fully-functional test server that you can play around with and do no harm to your real server or your host computer.