How to Update Packages with Webmin

In the previous post, you learned how to install and remove software packages using Webmin’s graphical interface. Today, you will learn how to update individual packages and do a system-wide upgrade, all from within Webmin’s control panel.

Just like installing and removing packages, Webmin will rely on your package manager (APT, Yum, etc.) to update or upgrade packages. Therefore, any issues you have with using the web-based interface may actually be issues that need to be resolved with the command-line programs.

To update packages in webmin, login to Webmin and navigate to System -> Software Package Updates. By default it will show all packages available for updating. Simply click “Update Packages” to update them all. Alternatively, you can select individual packages to update or even search for specific packages that you need updated.

If you are really security conscious, you can even have Webmin send you an email to tell you when new packages are available. In the “Schedule checking options” select “Yes” and specify whether you want the checks every hour, day, or week. You can even have the system install the updates automatically.

For a system upgrade, navigate to the module we looked at in the last post: System -> Software Packages. At the bottom is a section called “Upgrade All Packages”. Choose whether you want a normal upgrade or a distribution upgrade, which will move you up to the next version of your operating system (if available). To proceed with the upgrade, click “Upgrade Now”.