Increase Server Performance with Squid

It does not take much for a web server to get overwhelmed when you have high traffic websites. Although you could always purchase more expensive hardware and networking equipment, there are more cost-effective ways to get better performance and get the most out of what you have. One such method is to use a web cache proxy like Squid.

Squid is a free and open source caching proxy for web servers that reduces bandwidth and dramatically improves access times with its caching system. Web servers are constantly receiving requests from clients (web browsers) and serving up web pages. This issue is compounded by dynamic websites that use server-side scripting, since each page request is created on the fly, often accessing a database and systematically draining your server’s resources.

When your web server caches content, it can serve up frequently requested pages that haven’t been changed on the sever side, giving users faster access. For the server, you save bandwidth and are able to server more content to more users. Even without caching squid can help improve connection times, just with its optimization of TCP flows.

Squid is free and open source software, released under the GNU GPL. It is free to download, use, modify, and redistribute. Millions of websites already use it.