Is cPanel Dedicated Server Any Good?

cPanel server is that dedicated server that uses the cPanel control panel for website management. Among all the web control panels, cPanel is the most popular one.

As an owner of websites running on your web server, you are required to perform certain management tasks. A control panel makes life easier for you by letting you go about performing these tasks conveniently and effectively.

The biggest reason that makes cPanel the preferred choice is its intuitive interface. You don’t have to be a technical expert in order to use it. cPanel lets you upload and manage web pages with ease. E-mail management is also extremely easy. You can create and manage e-mail accounts without much fuss.

With this control panel, installing various applications become smooth. You can install applications such as blogs and forums fast. With respect to security, cPanel provides features such as virus protection, password protection, and usage restrictions.

cPanel offers support at three functional levels: administrators, resellers, and end users. Apart from using with dedicated servers, cPanel can be used with virtual private servers (VPS).

Apart from making it easy for website owners, cPanel is very useful to administrators too. The control panel provides various database tools, making database management uncomplicated. It also makes the task of backing up data easy. Administrators can get comprehensive statistical information on website’s traffic with cPanel.

I am a little biased in favor of this control panel but there are definitely some other good ones available. Parallel’s Plesk is also very popular. Your choice of the web control panel will depend on what you need. So, you don’t necessarily have to love cPanel but it is definitely good.