Linux Server Network Troubleshooting Tools

When you have problems with your server, one of the first things you might want to check is your networking. Slow transfer speeds or incomplete delivery might be signs of network problems. The following are some network troubleshooting tools for Linux servers.

Nmap – Great for network auditing, Nmap offers port scanning, ping sweeps, and a variety of other techniques to help you diagnose your network issues. It includes both a command line and GUI interface.

Wireshark – This tool is useful in capturing and analyzing packets in order to find more difficult to locate trouble spots. The analyses include filtering by conversion and protocol analysis.

TCPdump – Also a capturing analysis tool, tcpdump captures a packet in raw ethernet data form and allows you to analyze packets without much difficulty. This makes it the fastest way to capture network traffic and store it in a file.

There are no fool proof shortcuts to diagnosing a network problem, but with the combination of the right tools, you can find issues and fix them to keep your server connected and operating at top performance levels.