Obsolete Networking Apps You Should Never Use

Server management is a constantly evolving science. What was once perfectly acceptable technology for a dedicated server may now be considered obsolete. Such is the case with four technologies you should probably avoid on a server you intend to use for hosting websites.

FTP – This is one technology that is still widely used but probably should not be. File transfer protocol has been the standard for uploading and downloading files from servers for decades, but it is not secure. Instead, look for encrypted alternatives like SFTP or SCP.

Telnet – There was a time when telnet was the standard method of remotely accessing a server’s command line shell. SSH has now pretty much completely replaced it. If, for some reason, your server has telnet enabled, remove it.

RCP – Another old file copy/transfer method, RCP was commonplace for quick copying from the command line. Like FTP, the data is sent unencrypted and therefore, unsecured. Instead, use SCP, which uses SSH encryption.

VNC – While VNC is very useful when you need remote access to the graphical interface of a machine, it is usually not even necessary for a server. If you do need to use it, you can tunnel VNC through SSH to make sure the connection is encrypted.

As you can see, all of these technologies are useful, but they are not secure and not necessary. Use the alternatives to keep your server safe.