Server Software Behaving Badly

When your dedicated server’s software starts acting up, it may get to the point where you want to trash the whole thing and give up. You should fight that urge, however, and try to find out why the software is giving your server trouble. There are a few routine things you can check that should help you figure out the problem.

1. Errors – Finding the problem sometimes is quite simple if the software gives you a precise error. Check the software’s logs and the system logs.

2. Software configuration – Have you changed any configuration files or added plugins or modules that might have changed the configuration? Try reverting to the default configuration settings.

3. Version check – Did you recently upgrade to a new version. You may be experiencing a bug. Check the bug reports on the software’s website.

4. Software conflict – In some cases, two software packages may conflict with each other on a networking level. In other words, two applications cannot occupy the same TCP port at the same time.

5. Installation problem – If you installed the software manually, you might have installed it incorrectly. Check the documentation and try installing again.

6. Bad code – In some situations, the problem may be the software itself. Some software is just not written well or may just not work well with your server. In some cases, the developer may be willing to fix the problem.

Software trouble need not give you gray hair. With a little effort, you can get the root of the problem and keep your server running smoothly.