Setting SSH Welcome Text

SSH is a powerful tool for Unix and Linux server users, giving them remote access to the system command line shell. If you run a dedicated server that hosts other websites or employs other system users with shell access, you may want to consider setting up a custom greeting message for your users.

A greeting message or MOTD (Message of the Day) is the first thing users will see when they log into the server. By default, many Linux distributions will have their own custom MOTD that gives some information specific to the distro. It may also display the kernel version and other relevant system information.

The MOTD is stored in /etc/motd on most Linux distributions. Any changes you make to it will be displayed for all users on the system. To edit the file, you can use the text editor of your choice, such as vi or nano. Because it is a system file, you will need to have administrative rights.


nano /etc/motd

Once you are editing the file, you can write any message you want. You may want to remind users about the rules of shell access, instruct them on how to get technical support, or just give them a friendly greeting directly from you.

Once you are finished, save the message and exit. In the future, anyone who logs onto your dedicated server will see your message of the day.