Which is Better – cPanel or Plesk?

There are no clear winners in certain areas in our lives. Take for example, food. Which one do you think is better – a home-cooked spread or a seven-course fare at your favorite restaurant? Now, while I think home-food is any day better than anything else, you may have a different opinion. Similarly, the opinion on what is the best hosting control panel is also divided. While some go gaga about cPanel, others think Plesk is better.

Let’s look at how one control panel fares in comparison to the other.

Things that go in favor of cPanel

  • cPanel supports most software. Also, it comes equipped with several useful and easy-to-use features. It is believed that cPanel has more features than Plesk.
  • Advocates of cPanel say that the interface of this control panel is intuitive, and therefore, very easy to use.
  • cPanel becomes cost-effective if you go for a long subscription.

Things that make Plesk better

  • Plesk is not expensive, an advantage that makes people prefer it over cPanel.
  • Plesk allows you to add several plug-ins to add on its features.
  • Unlike cPanel, Plesk supports XML and other interfaces.
  • Plesk supports SuSE Linux.

Both cPanel and Plesk come with different service levels. There are different features for the administrator, the website owners, resellers etc.

A hosting control panel gives you the ease of managing your server and the website. Regular monitoring and back-ups are easier with a control panel.

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