Why You May Need a Windows Server

What makes Windows popular even with so many open-source operating systems available? Which OS do you have on your system? The home-user finds it user-friendly in spite of the times it crashes without a reason. For the server owners, however, Windows is important because of other reasons. Wanna know which ones? Read on.

Microsoft has not only developed Windows but several other software programs and frameworks that have intruded every sphere of the computing and virtual worlds. Take for example, the .NET technology. Now, websites that have been built with this technology need a Windows-based dedicated server to support them.

If your website works with databases built using MS Visual Basic, MS Access, and MS SQL, your server needs the Windows operating system. A Linux-based server cannot support such databases. If you have used a Microsoft web development tool like Visual Interdev or simple FrontPage, only a Windows server can support your websites. Again, if you want to use MS Office programs, you have to get a Windows server.

The SharePoint platform developed by Microsoft is increasingly becoming popular for information sharing purposes. If you want to make use of this platform’s services, you have to go for a Windows server.

If you can dare to look beyond the Microsoft software and services, you can go for any other OS for your server. A Windows platform is essential to run Microsoft programs. The biggest problem with acquiring Windows for your server is its high cost. However, if you want the features, you have to shell out the money.