3 Reasons it is Time to Move on from Shared Hosting

Let me begin by telling you that shared hosting is not bad. But it is definitely not for everyone, especially for businesses that thrive on network applications. If you have been with a shared host for long, it may be time for you to revisit your needs and figure out if you should stick to the current scheme of things or move on. Today I will share with you three reasons for you to move on from shared hosting.

  • Your bandwidth and space requirements have grown. Thanks to the shared model, you get limited bandwidth and disk space in shared hosting. You will need to go for a different hosting model if your requirements have increased.
  • You have business-critical applications on your website/server. Thus, you can’t live with unexpected downtimes. If you want a reliable service, you have to go for a more robust hosting model.
    Also, in shared hosting, a problem in one website can bring down the entire server, collapsing your operations as well. If you want to get rid of such threats, go for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting or if you can afford it, invest in a dedicated server.
  • You want automation. If you want a hosting service that lets you focus on your core business and takes care of tasks like back-ups, you have to move on from shared hosting.

Shared hosting cannot give you the control you are looking for. It cannot make room for your growing ambitions. Don’t suffer because of the limitations of this model; switch to a dedicated server right away.