Can Shared Hosting Handle Your Expanding Business?

You may think that anything that comes out on this blog cannot be in appreciation of shared hosting. Let me tell you that when we ask you to move on from a shared server, it is because we understand that shared hosting cannot accommodate your ambitions. There is nothing wrong with shared hosting, but it is not for everyone. And if you have a website that is critical to your business, shared hosting is not a good idea.

The bandwidth and disk space provided to you on a shared server is limited. This is so because you are sharing a server with several other websites who also want their piece of space and bandwidth from what the server has to offer.

You cannot possibly install many applications with limited disk space. Moreover, your website’s performance will suffer if you force fancy applications on it, given the limited bandwidth it has to deal with.

On a shared server, you are never 100% sure in terms of availability. A small problem caused because of one website can bring down the entire server, making your website unavailable, something you cannot afford if your website is important for your business. Your website is always under threat as a malicious program on one website can go on to infect yours. Your website is not isolated from the effects on others in a shared environment.

Since you don’t own the server in shared hosting, you are not in control. You cannot configure the server your way. This is something that growing businesses cannot live with. Expanding businesses need that extra space to expand, something that shared hosting cannot offer.