Don’t Live With Shared Hosting if You’re Doing Business Online

Once you get used to something, it becomes very difficult to break away from it and adopt something new. Organizations that have been using shared hosting for long are reluctant to even try a new kind of hosting, even if they face problems in the shared form of hosting.

I know many of you would say that there is nothing wrong with shared hosting. Well, yeah, there is nothing really wrong unless your organization is looking at business benefits. Yeah, shared hosting is not for businesses. Why do I say that? Let me explain.

You get limited bandwidth and disk space in shared hosting as you have to share resources with several other websites. Now, your bandwidth and space requirements will be more if your business depends on your websites in any way.

If your website is critical to your website, you will definitely want it to be available at all times. However, you have to deal with unexpected downtimes in shared hosting. Shared hosting suffers from a big security threat. A problem in one website has the capability of bringing down the entire server, affecting your websites.

Other hosting types provide additional services that shared hosting doesn’t. If I have to sum up where it doesn’t work for businesses I will say it doesn’t give organizations control over their businesses online.

What do I recommend then? You know it. Go for a dedicated server if you want to be in charge of your websites and web applications.