Media Temple: Quite Possibly the Worst Web Host You Can Get for Free

After my last post about Media Temple admitting to the failures of their grid system, I got a response from their sales department who promised things would get better, and they gave me 3 months of free hosting on the Grid. I’m still too tired of switching shared hosting accounts to move the few sites I have off of their server, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Last night I tried to FTP to Media Temple around 8pm. No connection. This morning, 7:10 am, I try again to access my websites on Media Temple’s grid server: connection failure. Another 12 continuous hours of downtime. The funny thing is, Media Temple’s system status report on the event always says that nearly all customers have restored availability, but my sites don’t work. Am I always in that last percentage to get availability restored? Why is that?

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