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Through looking at our incoming traffic, I recently noticed a large amount of visitors coming to after Googling “Mediatemple Alternatives.” Apparently one of our older posts about how bad Mediatemple’s gridserver is was ranking near the top, and also apparent was the large number of searchers who seem to be looking for an alternative to MediaTemple’s poor services. Hopefully, this post will replace the current one with an answer to this common question.

What are some good alternatives to MediaTemple’s Grid Service?

While many shared hosts can provide services better than MediaTemple’s, here’s our roundup of suggestions based upon personal experience:

    My experience with Hostgator has been exceptional. They have far exceeded my expectations so far. In a desperate attempt to get some of our websites off of Mediatemple’s terrible Grid service, I signed up for an unlimited shared hosting account at Hostgator, for around $15 / month, and started monitoring the service’s uptime using Pingdom. For a couples of months now those sites have been running problem free with no downtime. Hostgator’s support has also been exceptional the few times we needed to call, by answering the phone quickly and having a knowledgeable tech on the line.
  2. Liquidweb’s Shared or VPS Accounts
    Liquidweb has long been our favorite web host, and their support has been consistently excellent since we signed up with them for our dedicated server years ago. They offer shared hosting that is competitive in price to Mediatemple’s, and if you can afford to move up to VPS, be sure to sign up using our coupon to save $30 / month forever on their VPS accounts.

Where not to go:

These are a few shared hosts we’ve tried in the past that have been terrible for numerous reasons, and get the “Top 5 Failures” award for either poor quality hosting, cusotmer service, or misleading advertising.

  2. Godaddy’s shared hosting
  3. Bluehost
  4. Ipowerweb
  5. Apollo Web Hosting

What’s the biggest gripe I have about MediaTemple’s Gridservers?

Blatant false advertising. From there page about the gridservice:

unrivaled power, burstability and reliability.

This statement is an outright lie. Their grid service goes down so regularly, that my website monitoring tools were commonly going off a few times per month when the sites were hosted there. The security was so bad in fact that they recently had to reset all of the users’ MySQL database passwords. Don’t believe me? Keep an eye on their “system status” blog for a while, and you’ll see firsthand what their customers have to deal with on a regular basis.

Is this what you’d call “unrivaled power, burstability and reliability?” Probably not.

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