Shared Hosting Can’t Accommodate Website Ambitions

What is wrong with shared hosting? Nothing, a lot of people will say. It is true shared hosting will not trouble you unless you have higher ambitions with respect to your website(s). In one of our earlier posts we had discussed when you should move from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting.

No, we don’t curse shared hosting, but shared hosting cannot provide the benefits of exclusivity and flexibility. Let’s look at where shared hosting fails.

It does not provide you enough bandwidth and disk space. In shared hosting, you have to share resources with several other websites. If your bandwidth requirements are more than what the hosting service provides, you definitely need to move out and get a dedicated server.

With shared hosting, you may have to deal with unexpected downtimes. If your website is critical to your website, you will definitely want it to be unavailable at any time.

Another problem with shared hosting is that one serious problem in one website can bring down an entire server, affecting your websites.

Shared hosting does not offer you automated services, not that it was ever supposed to. However, with features that other hosting services provide, shared hosting’s offers no longer remain lucrative.

In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated hosting allows website owners to be in control. It comes where shared hosting fails to gratify your appetite. Check one of our earlier posts on the benefits of dedicated server hosting.

We’ll be back with more analysis and information from the world of web hosting.