Shared Hosting is Not for Your Business

If you have a business that has any dependence on your web presence, you cannot go on with shared hosting for too long. Why? Well, for starters, you don’t have control over the server. It’s not yours; you don’t own it. You cannot configure it the way you like. You have to depend on the service provider’s choice. You can’t even install all the applications you want as you don’t own the server. So, you understand, your business plans become dependent on your host, something you cannot live with.

You encounter hurdles when you need more bandwidth and disk space. Shared hosting allows limited resources as you are sharing the server with many other websites. This limits the scope to optimize your website’s performance. Now, if yours is a growing business, you cannot live with these limitations for too long.

The problem does not end with limited resources. In shared hosting, you have to deal with downtime a number of times too. One failure can bring down the entire server, causing your website to be unavailable unexpectedly.

Security is a huge concern in shared hosting. That’s because you cannot secure your own website properly if the others sharing the server with you are at risk.

Shared hosting is fine for many organizations, but it often does not work for businesses. This is why we recommend switching to a dedicated server. If you cannot afford that yet, go for virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

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