The Problems With Shared Hosting

OK, before you go all berserk denying there are any problems with shared hosting, let me tell you that I agree that shared hosting is the most popular web hosting method now. But that does not mean that it’s flawless. Of course, it is not. The biggest reason it is popular is because it is not expensive. Then, it also satisfies the needs of most websites.

Its limitations surface when the websites and web applications run by shared hosting are critical to an organization’s business. Businesses cannot live with the limitations of shared hosting. There lie all the problems. Let me tell you the kind of problems I am talking about.

  • Absence of customization: You cannot configure the server the way you like. You have to depend on the service provider’s choice. You can’t even install all the applications you want as you don’t own the server.
  • Limited bandwidth and disk space: In the shared world of hosting, your website has to share bandwidth and space with several other websites, thus limiting the scope to optimize your website’s performance.
  • Unreliable service: Shared hosting is not reliable. You have to deal with downtime a number of times. Then, most of the time, one failure may bring down the entire server, causing your website to be unavailable unexpectedly.
  • Manual back-ups: As you would understand, in the shared world, back-ups become cumbersome. Typically, the host expects you to back-up your data on your own. This requires you to have manual back-ups on a regular basis, adding to the business’ task.

If your ambitions are exceeding what the shared host provides, it’s time to move on to a dedicated server.

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