Why it is Time to Shun Shared Hosting?

If reliability and availability come high in your list of requirements, you cannot continue to live with shared hosting. Even if you think you don’t need more resources than what the shared server offers, there are other reasons why you should shun shared hosting for a different type of hosting.

Imagine living in a house that shares its walls with other houses in your neighborhood. Now, one dent in one of your neighbor’s houses can bring down yours. This is how it is in shared hosting. One failure in the shared server can bring down the entire server, causing you to become unavailable unexpectedly. A threat to one of your neighboring websites can put your website at risk. You don’t want this, do you?

In a tight neighborhood, you cannot expand your house. This is what happens with shared hosting. It gives you limited bandwidth and disk space. You cannot grow even if you want to because you are sharing the space with hundreds of other websites.

Now, I am not asking you to buy a dedicated server right away because shared hosting fails to offer you what you need. If you cannot afford the dedicated server yet, go for semi-dedicated hosting or virtual private server (VPS) hosting. The semi-dedicated hosting is an improved version of shared hosting where you get a huge ‘chunk’ in a server. You share the server with no more than 5, 10, 20, or at the most, 50 websites. Also, you are more in charge of your ‘chunk’ here than you were in shared hosting. VPS hosting, on the other hand, offers you a logical server, a partition of a physical server. You are in complete control of the virtual server as you don’t share it with anybody. If you ask me, I prefer VPS hosting. So, till the time you don’t want to invest in a dedicated serve, enjoy the virtual one.