Why Shared Hosting Doesn’t Work for Everyone

There is no denying the fact that shared hosting has problems. If you say you have been living with shared hosting for a long time without a problem, I will believe you. However, you may not have had a problem because the shared server was sufficient for your needs. If you own a business for which the server and web applications are critical, you couldn’t have lived with the shared server.

Let me tell you why shared hosting doesn’t always work.

Because you get limited bandwidth and disk space

In the shared world of hosting, your website has to share bandwidth and space with several other websites, thus limiting the scope to optimize your website’s performance.

Because you cannot customize it

You cannot configure the shared server the way you like. You have to depend on the service provider’s choice. As you don’t own the server, you cannot even install all the applications you want.

Because the service is not reliable

You have to deal with downtime a number of times. Then, most of the time, one failure may bring down the entire server, causing your website to be unavailable unexpectedly.

Because you are vulnerable to threats on neighboring websites

A threat on another website sharing the server with you can cause your website to become unavailable or crash the entire server.

The shared server may work for many websites but you cannot take a risk if your business depends on it. Get a dedicated server as soon as you can. If that is too expensive, get a virtual server.