Why Shared Hosting May Not Last in the Future

Who would not want a server completely dedicated to one’s needs? However, shared or virtual hosting still remains popular. The biggest edge shared hosting has over other hosting schemes is its low cost. Experts, however, believe that shared hosting will not last too long in the future. Let us find out why.

Websites have, so far, lived with limitations in bandwidth and disk space. But competition and growing needs will eventually make them want more. Shared hosting cannot possibly accommodate their needs, alienating businesses towards alternative hosting plans.

Shared hosting lacks automation in several things. For example, taking back-ups becomes a manual task because the host cannot back up the data of all websites being hosted. Businesses would like such tasks being taken care of the hosting company. Other hosting schemes that provide automation will be preferred over shared hosting in the future.

Since you share your space with several websites, there are chances that a minor problem caused by one website will affect yours. Your website may become unavailable several times for various reasons. Businesses cannot live with frequent downtimes. The unreliability of shared hosting will become the biggest reason for its downfall. 

Businesses would like a hosting plan that gives them complete control. Shared hosting does not provide that. Also, businesses are increasingly become conscious of their image and they are looking for unique identity for their websites. With shared hosting, a website shares its IP address with hundreds of others, robbing it of its identity on the web.

Exposure to better hosting plans will definitely make business shun shared hosting in the future. The future will see a reduction in the costs of the alternative plans, making businesses adopt them without a hitch.