Why We Cannot Live With Shared Hosting

Yes, the web world has many depending on shared hosting, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The limitations of shared hosting come up only when businesses are involved. A business that has critical websites being hosted on the shared server cannot live with it for too long. Why? Let me explain.

A shared server is not in your control. You cannot configure it the way you like. You have to depend on the service provider’s choice. You can’t even install all the applications you want as you don’t own the server. So, you understand, your business plans become depended on your host, something you cannot live with.

In the shared world of hosting, your website has to share bandwidth and space with several other websites, thus limiting the scope to optimize your website’s performance. Now, of yours is a growing business, you cannot live with these limitations for too long.

In shared hosting, you have to deal with downtime a number of times. One failure can bring down the entire server, causing your website to be unavailable unexpectedly. If your websites are critical to your business, you wouldn’t want that.

In the shared world, tasks such as back-ups become cumbersome. Typically, the host expects you to back-up your data on your own, adding to your work.

Shared hosting is fine for many websites but it cannot do justice of what a business website expects. It’s important you switch to better hosting options if you have a growing business.