5 Uses for Dedicated Servers

When many hear the term “dedicated server”, they tend to picture data centers housing massive machines used by large companies for their huge infrastructures. While that is certainly a valid use of the term, it does not fully reflect the wide range of uses for dedicated servers. Small and medium business […]

Advantages of Web-based Application Servers

An application server is a dedicated server that runs a central application or numerous applications, allowing clients to connect through an intranet or over the Internet. In traditional application server models, the software of the server and client was usually the same or similar, and the client machine required a smaller client application to […]

Enter the Application Server

When it comes to the world of computers, the way terminology is used often makes it difficult to figure out what a certain technology should actually do.  Application server is one of those terms that fit the bill, as it has many different uses.  A major server developer, Oracle’s J2EE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition) server […]