Have You Experienced the Cloud Yet?

The main reason people complain about cloud computing is because of the security factor in it. As of now, the data in the cloud is not considered to be safe. However, looking at the way the cloud is being adopted by organizations, it is wise to say that the glitch in the technology will not […]

Why the Cloud is Good for Businesses

2009 was so much about cloud computing. 2010 may well be the year that sees a lot of high-profile cloud computing. What is it that pulls businesses to cloud computing? Well, it all begins with reduction of costs. Yes, the cloud helps you cut down costs. Your operational expenses are reduced significantly. With cloud computing, […]

Why Cloud Computing Will Continue to Become Popular

Many people say that the growing discussions around cloud computing is what may seem to be making it popular. I think the reason people are discussing it is because it is becoming more and more popular with large organizations. There are some clear benefits that the cloud fetches for businesses. Let’s have a look.

Cost reductions: […]

What Makes Cloud Computing So Popular?

Some may call cloud computing unpopular, but most find it gaining popularity with the biggest of organizations. What is it that’s making people adopt this technology? The fact that everything is offered as a service promises to make life easier for businesses. How? Let’s find out.
Cloud computing implies a considerable reduction in operational expenses. Moreover, […]

Cloud Computing is Going Great Guns

An article published in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal discusses the growth of cloud computing in the times when the rest of information technology saw a decline. The article says:
In recent years, companies spent on cloud computing, or the delivery of services through the Internet, and virtualization, a technique that […]

6 Reasons I Like Cloud Computing

It’s not news, I know. You know that I like cloud computing. Today, I will tell you why (as if I haven’t told you before!).

It helps me cut down costs. Operational expenses are reduced with cloud computing. I have to pay only for what I use; costs are directly proportional to what I need. Oh […]

Why Everyone is Embracing the Cloud?

The concept of cloud computing never ceases to trigger discussion and arguments. As they say, love it or loathe it but you can’t ignore it. That’s exactly the scene with the Cloud. While surfing the Internet today, I came across a news report on a study conducted by Gartner, a research organization. The study suggests […]

5 Reasons Cloud Computing Rocks

Cloud computing is one technology that doesn’t cease to trigger debates everywhere you go. While some of such debates are intelligent, others are downright dumb. Yeah, the Cloud has both its benefits and limitations. Businesses the world over are leaping up to the benefits cloud computing has to offer. Let me share with you five […]

The Good Things about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has received a lot of flak. However, there are many who are adopting the technology. Take, for example, the US government. The government recently issued a RFQ for cloud storage. I was surfing the net on good things about the cloud and came across a piece by Rafe Needleman. The post […]

Why is the Cloud Good?

This Cloud seems to have no silver lining, at least that’s what the controversies surrounding it seem to suggest. We beg to differ. Yes, we understand that the Cloud is not fool-proof yet, but we are sure that in the time to come, it will be one of the most popular and effective technologies.
Let me […]

Is Cloud Computing Really Good for Your Business?

Irrespective of all the debates on cloud computing, we believe that it has a lot of benefits for a business. And it starts with the promise of reduced costs and better user experience. Let us look at the proposed business benefits of the Cloud.

Fast and easy installation: Cloud computing is one concept that does not […]

Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may be a controversial subject today but it is going to be looked at as a revolutionary technology in retrospect. With the US government issuing a Request For Proposal (RFQ) for cloud computing and a few months, we can expect more organizations leaping at the Cloud. Let’s look at what makes it good […]

Cloud Computing is Making Waves

Love it, hate it, but you cannot ignore it. That’s the story of cloud computing these days. While some discard cloud computing calling it a trap (We are obsessed with Richard Stallman, aren’t we?), there are others who think the concept is set to revolutionize the web world. And the latter believe in cloud computing […]

How Good or Bad is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has triggered many debates across the globe on its usefulness. So, how good or bad is it? A story that came out on IT Brief yesterday said that IDC’s research on cloud computing concludes that it is suitable for everyone. The story goes on to say that it doesn’t suit everyone though. Yes, […]