Should You Go For Server Clustering?

Server clustering promises to bring forth the benefits of a united group of servers. It promises to help in areas where single servers cannot. Definitely, there are many benefits of the clustering, with a few limitations. Let’s look at what clustering offers and where it creates problems.
The biggest benefit of server clustering is high availability. […]

Minimize Downtime With A Cluster Server

One of the main advantages of operating in a cluster environment is that you can minimize your downtime. If you have all of your information stored on one server and that server goes down then your entire operation could be halted. With a cluster server, however, you can often move your information to another computer […]

How A Cluster Server Can Save Your Enterprise From Failure

A common misconception about cluster servers is that they can’t be used with dedicated servers. This is patently false. In fact, the best kind of cluster is a group of dedicated servers. It offers the highest level of security and it is the most recommended kind of cluster on the market.