Open Source Cluster Management Tools

There comes a time in the life of a server when one is simply not enough. When that occurs, many organizations setup some type of server cluster. Each individual machine becomes a node that interfaces with the collective whole, rather than an individual server by itself.
There are several open source tools that you can use […]

Pros and Cons of Server Clustering

A group of servers working together helps where the single server fails. I guess the notion of bringing servers together to form a cluster came from the adage ‘unity is strength’. The concept of cluster servers promises business continuity in instances of a major problem with a server. However, clustering has some limitations too. In […]

Should You Go for Cluster Servers?

Every technologically-savvy business today makes use of all possible gadgets and applications. The sheer volume of applications used by a business can overwhelm the server that’s playing the host to them. A single server fails to manage the applications efficiently, leading to downtimes or unavailability of certain applications. Now, common sense says that if there […]

Cluster Servers 101: How They Prevent Server Failure

As it relates to server technology, a cluster refers to two or more computers working cohesively to deliver a higher level of scalability and reliability than can be achieved with a single machine.  Cluster servers are primarily used to help prevent three types of failure:

1.) Application and service failures that impact software applications and […]